Teaching is sharing

In Bengali, there’s is a riddle, “ki kaatle baare?” (What increases, if you cut it?) It was a critical question for me, when first asked, in my childhood. And, after knowing the answer, I used it on the new over-smart friends to out-smart them. Well, you know the answer – it’s pukur (pond). Similarly, what enhances if you share? Well, it’s knowledge. Continue reading

Got a Shake? Reduce it

Getting a shake in a photograph is not very uncommon. Specially during the weddings, when I am hand-holding the camera and busy capturing moments and managing the pushes of other budding photographers, I get a shake. Many a times for my own mistakes too! But, when I find a nice capture in thumbnail, enlarge it to 100% view and see a shake, you know how I feel like. Previously, I used to either dump it, or convert it into black & white with large amount of contrast and grains. But, now Photoshop CC 2014 has got a new tool named “Shake Reduction”. Continue reading

Bridge+ACR Vs Lightroom

This is a long old battle going on still now. Surprisingly, both are Adobe products meant for photographers. While Bride & ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) come free with Photoshop, Lightroom costs money. There are so many articles available on the net fighting this issue, but here I’m going to tell few reasons why I don’t use Lightroom. Continue reading

Buy Photoshop & LR, It’s Cheap Now

Photoshop is something, hardly any photographer, specially professionals, can live without. We buy expensive cameras, lenses, lights, gadgets and other accessories, but, when it comes to buying Photoshop…ahem! Thankfully, Adobe has cleverly removed the barrier of high upfront price and made it easy and affordable to any photographer. Now LR (Lightroom) is also thrown with it at the same price! Let me explain it here.  Continue reading

Transforming a Sad Face

A few days back, I photographed this young and handsome guy, Ajay Mishra, a software engineer from Navi Mumbai.

Actually, he was calling me for two weeks before that, for clicking his portraiture. So, I asked him, what was the purpose ? He replied that he wanted to blow it up, frame it and hang it in his room. I said, ok and we fixed up the appointment. Continue reading

Posting to your Blog, is Spiritual

It sounds hilarious. I know. But, it has got a connection – blogging and spirituality.

Will talk about blogging later, but, what is spirituality? As per Wikipedia (the iGod), it means, “a process of personal transformation in accordance with religious ideals”. Now, what is religion? The same website defines, “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” Continue reading

Romancing the wedding

indian wedding photographyMany say, marriage is the end of romance. I do not want to comment on that, but, romance is on its height on the wedding day. In Indian marriages, wedding couples are generally not allowed to hug, kiss or even hold hands in front of the guests. But, some expressions of that special feelings, some quick intimate exchanges do happen in a flash. The wedding couples do find out some quiet moments and convey the most romance. In every opportunity, their eyes will do most of the talking. Continue reading

What is the best camera for wedding photography?

Hasselblad. The lowest current model – H4D-40 costs about Rs. 9 lakhs ($18,000) as of today, that too only for the body, without lenses. It’s a 40 megapixel medium format camera, exceptional image quality and blah blah. I don’t own this yet, I’m waiting for a Rs. 1 crore wedding photography contract to buy this. Just kidding. But the answer is correct to the very commonly asked but confusing question – what is the best camera?

Continue reading

How Professional Wedding Photographers Work At Your Wedding

Your wedding lasts only a day, but the memories live forever with the right kind of photographer. Professional wedding photographers build wedding stories with the couples through their photographs. Instead of showing off just the personalities of the couples, they will exploit their personalities (in good meaning, of course) to show the hidden joys and emotions within them. How to motivate and make the couples comfortable in front of the camera and to establish a relationship with the photographer, entirely lies on the hands of the photographers. Professional wedding photographers know how to do this very well. Continue reading